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Post Boat Show Wrap-up and Welcome New Members

Frank Kirschner  | Published on 1/19/2017

The Chicago boat show is over and I know the PMYC had fun!!!   Here's a view of the booth prior on setup day.

We staffed the booth each day from 2-8pm but Saturday was by far the busiest and most attended.  The show was very productive both in terms of meeting new members and networking with the other booths.   Many members took the opportunity to visit the show and stop by our booth.  Thank you - you all make this club better!  Some highlights of the show:

 - Drank some rum...

 - We got some free press via our two best members Jerry and the Admiral  or is it The Admiral and Jerry???
    They must have threatened to make this guy walk the plank if he didn't mention the PMYC.

 - Signed up 20 new Chicago members, (see the list below)  WELCOME!

 - Received some donations and in return handed out some flags.

 - Drank some more rum

 - Held our Chicago 2017 membership drive, many members renewed but there are still some scallywags out there who haven't.  Arghhh

 - The PMYC received an invite to join the Chicago Yachting Association.  You can check them out at   There is no decision yet on whether the PMYC will join, more to understand.

 - Finished the rum...  But why is the Rum Gone?

The PMYC wants to shout out to everyone that helped:

Vice-Commodore Bob and Social Chair Jeanne :  You were the engine that made this happen, from organizing, building the booth, setup, staffing the booth, and tear down.  Bob was at the show every day for most of each day.  Jeanne kept our boat show presence current on Facebook and well communicated.   Thanks for all you do!

Admiral (BOD) and Jerry  -  (The PMYCs very own odd couple!  LOL ) :  Building the backdrop, They staffed the booth from 2-5pm when all of us were still at work.  If you followed the link above they made the show very interesting for one reporter.  Jerry and the Admiral also figured out that Bob's tablet doesn't work.

Sargeant of Arms Tom and Eddy (BOD) :  Building the back-drop, organizing and staffing the booth, bringing mimosa's and cold pizza to the booth, Sunday tear-down and last but not least filling in for our Quartermaster vacancy (no small feat)!

Rear Commodore Nick and Secretary Kirsta :  Preparing all the PMYC propaganda (cards, talking points, video), staffing the booth, membership drive, bringing the rum, drinking the rum... :)

Port Captain Joe and Jen :  Booth setup and banner, staffing the booth, booth tear-down.

Treasurer Frank and Theresa: Building the backdrop, booth setup, staffing the booth, membership drive, not losing the membership funds (we think), drinking mimosas and rum... 

Commodore Joey, Kevin , Bill and Rosie :
staffing the booth, drinking the rum...

Island Party Boat :  With whom we shared resources from the start to the end, and of course for helping us drink the rum...

Lastly Welcome to all of our New Members :

Harry Petraitis Victor Megaro Jay Grizzell
Gilbert Ankenbauer Tim Withner Ken Been
Jenny Ankenbauer Lanasu Withner Victoria Blay
Jodi Bova Michael Cortez Robbi Eklow
Jack Gagan Charlie Goodbar Paul Piekarski
Jon Ramos Mark Stevenson John Kasprowicz
Bob Messina Chris Swierczek