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Officer/BOD Meeting Minutes

Kirsta Roskam  | Published on 10/17/2016
Meeting Minutes: PMYC Officer and Board Meeting - October 17, 2016

a. Vice Commodore Bob Vanucci
b. Rear Commodore Nick Roskam
c. Secretary Kirsta Roskam
d. SOA Tom Grove
e. Treasurer Frank Kirschner
f. Port Captain Joe Maul
g. Quartermaster Paul Hobbs
h. BOD Dennis O’Leary
i. BOD Dennis “Admiral” K
j. BOD Eddy Grove
Old Business:
o Secretary’s Report
o Treasurer’s Report
? Treasurer’s Report ratified
Old Business:
o Christmas Party
? Nick and Kirsta to Co-Chair
? December 10th
? Nick and Kirsta to form committee
o Monthly Membership Meeting – November 12th, Weathermark
o PMYC Annual Trip
? Jamaica, Breathless February 25th – March 4th
SOA Tom will Chair, Frank will CoChair
o 7 couples RSVPed
o Pricing TBD
o Frank to send one more email when pricing is finalized
? New Business
o 2017 Boat Show
? PMYC will attend, ratified unanimously 
? VC Bob to confirm attendance with NMMA