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10/15/2015@8:25:14 AM CST
Congrats Ed & Jennifer on your new addition!
7/12/2015@8:44:21 AM CST
Team PMYC currently in 7th place with 112 miles to go.
7/10/2015@9:14:48 PM CST
Team PMYC aboard Juliana currently in 8th place (out of 19) in their division.
7/8/2015@11:32:34 AM CST
Good luck to Team PMYC in the 107th Annual Race to Mackinac!
7/4/2015@9:11:28 AM CST
Happy 4th! The Flotilla will be at Cocktail Cove. Look for the flags!
6/30/2015@4:58:52 PM CST
This is a test.
6/24/2015@12:57:42 PM CST
Twisted Oar TONIGHT at 8pm for Dueling Pianos!
6/23/2015@7:29:51 PM CST
The beatings were successful. Morale has improved and the site is back online.
6/19/2015@3:58:59 PM CST
Apologies. We seem to be experiencing technical problems with the Web site. The Webmaster will be flogged until such time as the site is fix ..more
6/14/2015@10:56:32 AM CST
If anyone needs to swap out their small PMYC flag for a larger (3'x5'), please contact Ret. Commodore Billy.
New PMYC Website coming!
ALL MEMBERS, the new / future website has been made active. During the transition both websites will be active, you can reach the new website here pmyc.clubexpress.com. During the transitoin, pmyc.net will still bring you to this site, when we are complete, pmyc.net will automatically move you to the new website.

All members should have received and email asking them to log in and setup their accounts. If you do not have an email please send mail to: (Frank) frank@pmyc.net
Poor Man's Yacht Club Home Page

Cheaper than the price
of three cases of beer!
PMYC News - Submitted by BADA BING BOB on 11/01/2015
Hop aboard the Independence of the Seas, for 5 nights of fun and sun. Congratulations the following people have signed up to go on the 2016 an... FULL STORY.
Did You Know? - Submitted by BAYLINERBILLY on 10/21/2015
Man, Cat Rescued from Sailboat off Alaska
PMYC News - Submitted by BAYLINERBILLY on 10/10/2015
It's a (Cabin) Boy!
A'hoy, PMYC Pirates around the world. Please join me in congratulating Georgia Chapter PMYC members Port Captain Ed Maxwell and his wife... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by BRUSHNROLL on 07/19/2015
July Officer/Board Meeting
Date Held: 7/16 Time: 6:30 pm Attended by: Billy (Via Skype), Nick, Joel, K2, Dennis, Paul Hobbs, Bob V., Admiral, Frank, Kevin, Joey K., Jeann... FULL STORY.
Sailing Master's Corner - Submitted by K2 on 07/08/2015
107th Race to Mackinac
The PMYC wishes fair winds and following seas to all of our members competing in this year's Race to Mackinac. A special shout out goes to our ve... FULL STORY.
PMYC News - Submitted by BAYLINERBILLY on 03/11/2015
The Georgia Chapter of the PMYC has officially launched. Port Captain Ed and Fleet Captain Mike look forward to pirating your beer this Summer while... FULL STORY.