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ABOUT THE Poor Man's Yacht Club

The Poor Man's Yacht Club is an informal gathering of sailors, power boaters and our friends; Good people, having good fun. The club is incorporated as a not-for-profit. We invite you to join in if you have a love for the water, or just drinking. Founded around 1990...    More... -->

Fall RBR Moved to September 10th
As a lot of members were going to be out of town, we have moved the Fall RBR up a weekend. Skippers meeting on the North Wall of Monroe harbor at 10am and burgers to follow. Event Details
Posted by Nick on September 1st, 2016
Georgia Port Captain Ed Earns His Beads 
Everyone congratulate Georgia Chapter Port Captain Ed Maxwell who was awarded his Captain's Beads by Retired Commodore Billy on Saturday April 9, 2016...      READ MORE >
Posted by Billy on April 11, 2016
Chicago Members Earn Their Beads
Vice Commodore Bob Vanucci with members Theresa Barabasz and Jen Maul who earned their Captn's Beads for Volunteer work and upholding the PMYC in the lowest possible standards.  The beading took place Saturday April 9th at the Weathermark Tavern.  See our Facebook Page for more photos.
Posted by Frank on Apr 12, 2016

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